My Role:

Art Direction
Motion Design

Main Focus:



Primo 2019

WEEKDAY wants people between 14-25 years to cross the boundary between the gender-sections in WEEKDAY stores and thereby find new clothes and experiment more with their own style and identities.

When shopping in weekday and clothing stores in general, the departments are so severely divided that you don't get to see the clothes that are in the opposite "gender-section". It can be awkward and uncomfortable to look at clothes eg. as a boy in the girl department.
This campaign challenges the target group to take more chances. By referring to the well-known game truth or dare, WEEKDAY dares the customers to step out of their comfort zone. The campaign encourages young people to be more rebellious and end up daring to cross the line.


SOcial Media Campaign

A weekly challenge hosted by Weekday.  By posting a picture or video on instgram and use the hashtag #idare, the participants gets the possibillity to win prices at Weekday.