My Role:

Art Direction Motion Design

Main Focus:

Digital Design


Medio 2019

79,5 of Genenration Z uses social media as their primary source of information and news. Because of the personalised feeds, this leads to narrow span of opinions and drives the polarisation we see to day.

Version. is a newsplatform created for generation z. It borrows from many of the apps they use every day, such as  simplicity of instagram, customisation tiktok and convenience spotify.
The app is made to cut through the confusing media and deliver your news in a new, easy and quick way and encourages the user to see the subject from more sides.

Campaign Video


We made a huge variety of stickers as a guerrilla campaign, encourage them to go out and make their own versions.
Translation: "The fast version", "The necessary version", "The cheap version", "The exsausting version"


Outdoor Poster Mockup