The danish Prides

My Role:

Art Direction
Motion Design

Main Focus:

Visual Identity, Branding & campaign


Primo 2019

The pride is the one time a year where the community gathers and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community.
But due to Covid-19, Copenhagen Pride announced that the pride still would be on but in a different way.

Pride+ is gathering of the danish pride, all in one platform.
Throughout the prideweek you’ll be able to stream all the talks, performances, entertainment and events that usually takes place.
This is just the beginning - in the future Pride+ will be a digital extension of the pride, so anyone, anywhere can stream pride from home.

Watch the casestudy below.



PRIDE Colors


Social Media Post

Pride+ primary platform for communicating would be on social media platforms.
The goal was to create a dynamic yet uniform identity/system where the brand would be recognisalbe on every platform.

TV Spot